Has someone pissed you off?

Looking for a great gag gift?

Don’t get mad – GET EVEN!

Send that special someone a pile of shit

Anonymity guaranteed

We will send a package of freshly laid shit to your friend or enemy.


  1. For the person who gave you a bad rating on YouTube or eBay.
  2. The teacher who has failed you or just gives you the shits.
  3. A gift to a salesman or dealer who has ever swindled you.
  4. Sick of the neighbour’s dog pooing in your yard and want to give them back the friendly gift.  
  5. For that one friend who is always speaking shit.
  6. A gag gift for the family to enjoy.
  7. To the friend who claims to have it all and more.
  8. For your ex
  9. To send to a boss or employee just to remind them that there doing a shitty job.
  10. Someone has a shitty attitude and you want to brighten their mood up.

Anonymity Guaranteed

No registration required, we do not store details of your transaction beyond the date required by our merchant services provider. We do not store you banking details.

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