FAQ :: Send Shit to your friend or enemy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be anonymous?

Yes. We guarantee it. Now if you want to wait about a week after ordering your package and call or e-mail that special someone and ask them if they just got a special package that is up to you, but rest assured we will never tell.

What payment metholds do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal. Credit cards will be run thru the security system of Paypal one of the world leaders in secure e-commerce. We do not store your credit card information

When will my package be delivered?

Your package will leave our facility within 1-2 working days of being ordered. Delivery times are as per Australia Post guidelines.

Can I send a custom message in the shit?

No, for legal reasons we do not allow customer created notes to be sent in the packages. It will contain a business card shown at the bottom of the order page. However nothing stops you from sending the message directly to the recipient

Each package contains the following business card, right in the shit! When they see the front of the card they will have to dig it out of the shit only to find this on the back:




  1. For the person who gave you a bad rating on YouTube or eBay.
  2. The teacher who has failed you or just gives you the shits.
  3. A gift to a salesman or dealer who has ever swindled you.
  4. Sick of the neighbour’s dog pooing in your yard and want to give them back the friendly gift.  
  5. For that one friend who is always speaking shit.
  6. A gag gift for the family to enjoy.
  7. To the friend who claims to have it all and more.
  8. For your ex
  9. To send to a boss or employee just to remind them that there doing a shitty job.
  10. Someone has a shitty attitude and you want to brighten their mood up.

Anonymity Guaranteed

No registration required, we do not store details of your transaction beyond the date required by our merchant services provider. We do not store you banking details.

Free delivery Australia wide